What you are now looking at is the official Ubiquity Hosting Solutions test page. If you're looking at this page - it worked! Your web hosting account has been created and is ready to go. Check your email box for information on getting started, or just check below!

If you are the owner of this account

Now is the time to get started! Before you should be everything you need to manage your account. Check your email box for Ubiquity's welcome email with the information you need to get started. Or, simply click the login link above to start manage your account from the SiteWorx web-based control panel (where you can also manage your FTP and Email accounts, and more). You can also get to SiteWorx faster going direct to:


You'll want to bookmark that login page so you can easily find it again. You can also reach SiteWorx by simply appending /siteworx to your domain as a shortcut (e.g. http://tymaxmedia.com/siteworx)

When you're ready to get your site online, simply replace the page you're reading now - index.html - in your html or public_html folder. This can be done by using FTP (with the information you've created in SiteWorx), or just by using SiteWorx's web-based file manager. If you have any questions, don't forget that our web-based Flash tutorials are always available:


Good luck, and remember to tell your friends how easy it was to start up your new web hosting account here at Ubiquity Hosting Solutions!

If you are just visiting this page

Come back soon. This website is newly under construction and the page you see here should soon be replaced by this valued Ubiquity customer's real website.

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